Doing Our Part

Nonprofit Architecture for Nonprofit Organizations

To support local nonprofit organizations, we proudly offer “Nonprofit Architecture for Nonprofit Organizations.” This program provides architectural services to nonprofit organizations within the community. The majority of our services are free or offered at a greatly reduced rates.  To apply, simply email us to let us know a little about your organization and what we can do to help.

Some of our previous work includes:

Facility Feasibility studies to identify sites and buildings suitable for organizational use. Design vignettes for grant applications and local funding effort, as well as, involvement through the master planning process.

Services offered free of charge:

Design Vignettes and Schematic Design – Preliminary 3D modeling and Rendering – As-Built Documentation – Planning and Predesign Services – Material and Finish Selection – Facility Analysis and Evaluation

Services offered at reduced rates:

Design Development – Construction Documents – Construction Administration – Photorealistic 3D Modeling & Digital Rendering