St. Helena Unified School District

St Helena Proposal - Final to Print-1

Projects Completed with the St. Helena Unified School District

Multi Campus Facility Evaluation. A comprehensive analysis including approximately thirty-five buildings across four campuses. Each building was assessed for the overall condition and the need for seismic, accessibility, electrical and mechanical upgrades. This report was then integrated into the District’s Facility Master plan.

District Wide Division of the State Architect (DSA) Inventory. A project combining archive research and site analysis to create a district wide database identifying the project closeout status of all real properties. A proactive mitigation plan was created to successfully complete projects with the State Architect.

Shoring and Structural Analysis of the Existing Performing Arts Building. A 12,000 sf. Performing Arts Building built in 1952 suffered severe structural damage in 2012. The building required immediate shoring and evaluation to determine its eligibility for the Office of Public School Constructions’ Facility Hardship Program.

Field House Bleacher Addition. A  one hundred and eighty seat bleacher section was added to the existing Field House building.